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Animal Rescue Centre at Ahuano by Canoe

Ever wanted to travel by canoe on an Amazonian river? Ever wanted to see conservation work in action? Ever wanted to experience indigenous jungle culture? Travel to the Animal Rescue Centre at Ahuano by canoe to experience all of this in just one day.

Two green parrots eating from a bird table with a girl next to them.

A full day trip to meet the animals at the centre and see conservation work. Popular with animal-lovers and conservationists. Travelling by canoe helps you experience the jungle away from the cars and trucks of the town.

Season: All year

Price: $65 per person per day

Note: There is a 2-person minimum for all jungle tours.

The tour includes:

– entrance fees to the Animal Rescue Centre

– transport there and back

– canoe transport

– your local English or Spanish-speaking guide (you choose)

– lunch (vegetarian option available) and water

– waterproof welly boots for walking through the jungle

What to bring

Come dressed in light clothes suitable for walking in the jungle but bring swimming clothes for a swim at lunchtime

A change of dry clothes for after the jungle walk

Bring insect repellent, sunscreen and a bottle of water

Optional – Your camera (in a plastic bag or dry bag)

Small amount of money in case you want to buy souvenirs

Come and see the amazing animals of the Amazon!


At 9am we meet at the Raft Amazonia office (Av. 15 de Noviembre y Cesar Augusto Rueda) to start your trip. (We can also pick you up from your hotel/hostel if you prefer).

First we head east of Tena and after a one-hour ride by 4×4 into the Amazon, our adventure begins. We travel down the river by canoe where we can enjoy the Napo River, catching glimpses of tropical birds on the way. We cross the Arajuno River (a Napo tributary which flows down from the surrounding mountains) and bring our canoe to the river side and the entrance to the rescue centre which cares for animals from the surrounding Ecuadorian rainforest.

We spend one or two hours walking around the centre, getting to know the many kinds of animals that have been rescued and learning about the work of the rescue centre.

We then head back to our canoe and travel further down the river to an island in the river where a group of monkeys live in the wild. We then reach another island where we have a rest, a picnic lunch and a swim in the river.

After lunch, we take a two-hour walk to find out about indigenous cultural traditions such as how to hunt with la bodoguera (a blowgun).

After practising our hunting skills, we get a chance to enjoy seeing a caiman found in a nearby pond as well as the hoatzin (a well-known bird also known as a ‘stinkbird’) which lives on the island but is difficult to see.

We arrive back at the Napo river where the canoe is waiting for us and cross the river to visit an Ahuano family home where they work with ceramics and make handicrafts.

We then take our canoe back to where we started our journey and head back to town for around 5pm.

Any questions? See our FAQs or contact us.

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