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Rafting in Tena: What You Need to Know

15th of May 2017

South America is one of the best white water rafting destinations in the world where rafting trips can take place all year round thanks to the warm temperatures and heavy rainfall. Ecuador is known for having some of the most interesting rafting routes with rivers sweeping through tropical rainforests filled with wildlife, tropical plants, blue lagoons and sandy beaches. The main river for rafting in Tena is the Jactun Yacu which translates as “Big River” in English. The Jactun Yacu is part of the Amazon River and flows through the beautiful and wild Amazon rainforest making it a truly unforgettable experience.

Tena is a great for rafting enthusiasts because it has lots of diverse rivers (Find out more about Tena in our next blogpost). With such a wide range of routes to choose from there are rafting trips to suit every age and experience level from complete beginners to the seasoned adrenaline junkies.
Each rafting route is given a classification from I to VI to indicate its level of difficulty. Most of the rafting routes in Tena are Class III which are recommended for adults only but there are also some Class II rapids which are suitable for families with children as well as more challenging rapids to entertain experienced rafters.

* Class I, II and III are the easiest with no experience being needed to raft on these routes.

 * Class II is a gentle ride with basic paddling skills being used to move through patches of rough water and around rocks.

 * Class III involves some minor drops, rocks and many waves and a whole lot of fun!

 * Class IV is recommended for experienced rafters who are skilled and confident with handling lengthy rapids and medium sized drops.

 * Class V should only be tackled by rafters who have advance experience and can handle large obstacles, rapids and steep drops.

 * Class VI rapids are exceedingly dangerous and rarely used for rafting at the risk of severe injury or death.
A kayaker descending a waterfall on a Class 6 river.
We hope you enjoy your next rafting trip wherever in the world you are!
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