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Misahualli Hiking, Canoeing and Communities

A varied tour which combines canoe journeys, wildlife spotting and experiencing local culture to give you a taste of jungle life and the ancient traditions of its inhabitants.

A pop cut in half showing coloured seeds used for making face paint.

This is a one-day tour by canoe, taking you through the small town of Misahualli. We spend the morning discovering the waterways, plants and animals of the jungle as well as spending an afternoon learning about and experiencing indigenous Kichwa culture.

Season: All year

Price: $65 per person per day

Note: There is a 2-person minimum for all jungle tours.

The tour includes:

– transport from Tena to Misahualli and back

– canoe transport

– your local English or Spanish-speaking guide (you choose)

– lunch (vegetarian option available) and water

– waterproof welly boots for walking through the jungle

What to bring

Come dressed in light clothes suitable for walking in the jungle

Bring insect repellent, sunscreen and a bottle of water

Optional – Your camera (in a plastic bag or dry bag). Small amount of money in case you want to buy souvenirs.

Come, and learn about our culture!


At 9am we meet at the Raft Amazonia office (Av. 15 de Noviembre y Cesar Augusto Rueda) to start your trip. (We can also pick you up from your hotel/hostel if you prefer). We head off by 4×4 to Misahualli (a village close to Tena which is deeper into the jungle) where we stop to enjoy watching the fascinating White Capuchin monkeys playing on the beach.

After a short walk along the river, we come to a bank where we get into a canoe and paddle to a stunning lake. At the lake, there is an abundance of wildlife to see such as spider monkeys, tamarins and a huge variety of birds.

After spending some time exploring the lake, we pull ashore and trek through the muddy jungle (boots supplied!). Your guide will tell you lots about the vegetation around you including the medicinal plants which have been used by local communities for generations. You’ll also get the chance to see one of the most enormous trees discovered in the area.

After paddling our way back from the lake, we make our way to Shiripuno for a delicious traditional lunch cooked by local women. We are welcomed by the indigenous community’s women’s organisation. There local people teach you about our Kichwa culture, such as how we used to dress, and show you traditional dancing and singing – a good opportunity for you to participate! Next, the women show you how chicha (an ancient drink) is made and offer you some to try!

Finally, we take a walk in the area around the cabins, and learn about the plants growing there. We also visit a sacred big rock where the ladies explain about its spiritual significance for local people.

Before leaving the opportunity, there is the chance (not obligation) to buy some locally made handicrafts or traditional medicine, so bring a little money if you think you might want to pick up some souvenirs.

We then head back to Misahualli and take the 4×4 back to Tena for around 4pm.

Any questions? See our FAQs or contact us.

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